I live in an apartment so real drums are something of a no-no. I used to have a kit set up with mufflers on it but I don’t even have room for that any more. So I figured I could set up a very rudimentary (no pun intended) practice kit. I use a Real Feel pad on a snare stand, a hi-hat with mufflers on, a flat ride with a muffler and an old Remo practice pad set up vertically as a bass drum pad. I used a Tama clamp with an old stacker with 6mm threads that fit the Remo pad. Stuff I had lying around so the system cost me nothing. Bonus!

It’s a bare-bones setup but it’s great for practicing jazz independence, linear ideas, double bass and just plain grooving. Here is a photo. I have Count Dooku and Darth Vader there to motivate me (yes, I’m a nerd).